Adam Stankiewicz

Full-stack Web Developer with more than 10 years of professional experience.

CTO (Next.js, Go-lang, Python, Infra) AI assistant & search engine to help you choose the best apartment
2016 – 2024 · 8 yrs
Hybrid, Wroclaw, Poland ·

I was the CTO at, a startup initially launched to develop an AI chatbot aimed at simplifying the search for rental apartments. This venture was ahead of its time, leveraging artificial intelligence to address the inefficiencies in the rental market by facilitating faster and more accurate apartment searches.

As the market evolved, so did We pivoted to create a more expansive Airbnb-like search engine specifically for apartment rentals. This development was complemented by a robust backend system designed to assist rental agencies in generating leads. This pivot transformed from a mere chatbot developer into a comprehensive platform that served both individual renters and rental agencies effectively.

  • Started as a chatbot in 2016 and evolved through several pivots, especially after VC funding
  • Server-rendered app that smoothly transitioned to a SPA app with a focus on SEO and being crawled by Google
  • Deployed on and migrated between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Worked with Next.js, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, and Containers
  • Used GitLab, Trello, and Agile methodologies
  • Written in Ruby on Rails, and microservices in Ruby, Python, Go-lang
  • Worked on crawlers, integrating small amounts of machine learning
  • Extensive work with Open Street Maps and processing their database
  • Search engine on top of Algolia and Elasticsearch

Senior Web Developer (React, Node, Rails, Infra)

Pilot: Design and Development Studio
2014 – 2016 · 2 yrs
Hybrid, Wroclaw, Poland ·

At Pilot, I worked as a Senior Web Developer, focusing on developing applications using React, Node.js, and various infrastructure technologies. I contributed to several key projects, including and Sam Labs, which involved complex calendar and contact management systems.

Senior Web Developer (Rails, Angular)

Monterail: Web Development Agency
2011 – 2014 · 3 yrs
Office Work · Wroclaw ·

During my tenure at Monterail, I served as a Senior Web Developer, specializing in Ruby on Rails and Angular. I played a significant role in several projects such as Shuttlefare and contributed extensively to the open-source community through projects like Rails Assets, Bower, and vim-polyglot. I also worked with PostgreSQL and graph databases like Neo4J.

Open Source Contributor

Learner and Teacher


Adam is without a doubt the most influential developer for Bower in the past year. His contributions go beyond "fundamental". His initiative and tendency to strive for quality show brightly in his work for the project and its more than half a million regular users

-- Paul Irish, Google Chrome

With his contributions to Bower open source project over the past year, I've been delighted to work with Adam. He stepped into a messy situation, and did plenty of dirty work to get the project back on track.

He's got the technical ability, submitting plenty of quality code revisions. He has a great project management skills, working though issue lists. In short, Adam gets things done.

-- David DeSandro, Twitter

Adam is definitely an extraordinary developer that not only has a lot of great ideas but what's even more important the persistence to make them happen. If if wasn't for Adam the project wouldn't be such a success. He took something that started as an idea into solid product used by many Rails teams around the world.

Adam is a must-have person in any team - you can be sure that when he is around your ideas will not pass unquestioned.

Good-enough is never good enough. Adam will always try to dig deeper into a problem and solve it in the best way possible.

-- Tymon Tobolski, CTO of

Single-hearted problem solver — that’s Adam. He was a core member of our team for 3 years, during that time he set some of our highest and most regarded standards (such as our official guidelines) and processes. Always questioned the status quo and inspired everyone around to do so. He actively consulted in almost all areas of our organization bringing bold opinions and fresh insights. You could always tell if Adam was a part of a project — all stakeholders would notice his through and through decisions and pushing the technical boundaries. He left an immersive footprint on all of us and will be incredibly missed. However we are happy that the open source community has just gained a wholehearted individual and a true expert.

-- Szymon Boniecki, Co-owner of

Adam is a responsible and very neatly organized developer.

One of the biggest additional values is his grasp of everything inside and around the development process - be it understanding the business around the software or shaping the development process that suits the project best.

He's been a crucial part of Monterail's progress.

-- Bartosz Pietrzak, Co-Owner of

Adam is an expert in several of our key technologies at Ruvixx. He has helped us develop our core architecture with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS and provided invaluable help when we needed it. I would recommend Adam to anyone with a technical challenge at hand. He's always willing to go the extra mile to reach the optimal solution.

-- Stephen Saine, Ruvixx, Inc.

Adam is, without doubt, one of the best developers I know. I owe him a lot - he was my mentor in Monterail and he basically introduced me (with success) to the world of Ruby on Rails. His strong engagement in Open Source Projects is the best proof that development is his passion.

If you look for someone who has outstanding knowledge, writes beautiful code and gets things done - that definitely sounds like him.

-- Adam Hodowany, Ruby and JavaScript developer at

Together with Adam Stankiewicz, we’ve built and shipped multiple apps, including some open-source projects. He’s one of the most clever developers and out-of-the-box thinkers I’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from.

If you’re looking for a developer with fresh approach to software who can share knowledge and make your company stand out at the open-source field, it would be unwise not to give Adam a shot.

-- Dominik Porada, designer at Pilot